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Personal Information

Name Radosław Kierznowski
Age 28 years old
Current City
Spręcowo, woj. warmińsko-mazurskie
Phone +48 729 176 681 (Orange)
+48 726 150 295 (Plus)
Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp
Skype radzio28111993
GG 11093337


2011.10.03 – 2011.10.31 BAJT Computer Company
2012.07.02 – 2012.07.31 Onyks Group
2014.02.23 – 2014.07.30 Microsoft
Microsoft Student Partner
2014.04.05 – 2014.06.01 Microsoft Poland
2017.05.04 – 2017.11.03 ZUS


2009.09.01 – 2013.04.26 Economic School of Commerce in Olsztyn
Computer technician
01.10.2013 – 03.03.2015 University Warmia and Mazury
Departament Mathematics and Computer Science
Computer Science
30.09.2015 – 23.02.2017 University Warmia and Mazury
Departament Mathematics and Computer Science
Computer Science


english primary


Knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems Microsoft Windows 8
Create users
Group Policy manage:

  • Allow/Disallow using Windows Store (the inability to install and update programs Modern UI)
  • Allow/Disallow using classic programs.
  • Using AppLocker (greater opportunities of access to the applications of classical and Modern UI)
  • other available in Windows 8 (niedotyczy principles inherited from the older Windows 6.x and Windows XP broken in Windows 8 but included in the list of settings)

Solving unusual problems(http://help.itnewspl.com/category/os/windows/windows-8/)

Microsoft Windows XP and 6.x series supports well, but I prefer Windows 8 🙂

Knowledge of Canonical Ubuntu (Server) operating system System Installation
Installation and configuration of servers (apache2, lighttpd, php5, mysql, samba, openssh-server, etc.)
server Management
Adding repositories
Setting up a network
Configuring firewall
Setting up a DHCP server (isc-dhcp-server)
BIND DNS Configuration
Webmin Installation
Installation .deb packages using terminal
Knowledge of graphical user interfaces (Unity, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, KDE) many other things relating to the management and operation of the system
Creation of networks and configuration Mounting wiring and making plugins
Network configuration (computers “see” each other on the network)
Configuring DHCP on a simple router, the router with a more advanced operating system, a server installed DHCP
Using office suite Microsoft Office

  • 2003
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2013


Installation and management of WordPress Installing WordPress includes configuring the server and the MySQL database. Management includes the use of the WordPress admin panel and manage multiple WordPress installations using InfiniteWP. Migrating WordPress to other hosts.
Creating websites Most of the pages I create to WordPress. Rarely I use Joomla. Some of the projects that have been created or co-author of can be found at https://radoslaw.kierznowski.com/webportfolio/.

Courses and training

2012.12.27 ECDL Core
Economic School of Commerce in Olsztyn
Microsoft Virtual Academy
View my profile on MVA


professional interests Windows 8, WordPress, Hardware, Ubuntu, Microsoft Technology
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